Spring 2017 – Week 13 Class Notes


This week we covered JavaScript frameworks, specifically JQuery. As mentioned, a framework is simply a collection of predefined functions and objects that make life easier for you to help you accomplish your tasks.

In JQuery, they use a function named $ as a “magic function” which determines what it should do based on its parameters. If the first parameter is a CSS selector, it grabs all HTML elements that match that selector. If the first parameter is an HTML string, it creates HTML elements and text content to create the string. You can then do all sorts of things with the resulting values.

Information about the JQuery framework is available on the website jquery.com.

No homework this week – just focus on getting your cart done! It is due in class on May 17, but it wouldn’t hurt you to turn it in next week! Here’s what I would like:

  • A printout of the code
  • A printout of the cart in action (i.e., with stuff in your cart)
  • A short printed paragraph describing the cart’s operation

If you aim for being done by this Wednesday, you can ask better questions in person.


This week we started looking at BJT transistors as current amplifiers, and built a circuit where a transistor controls a motor. We even visualized the inductive kick of the motor with an LED. I will have a new chapter for you this weekend on voltage amplification, and I *think* we will do an audio amplifier next week. The last week we will have a short exam, and may do a small project in-class.


This weekend I will try to have the chapter on Taylor series done. Next week we will go over Taylor series and maybe catch up on a few loose ends.

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