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New Video Series on Building Scalable Web Applications

We just launched a new video series on YouTube, “Building Scalable Web Applications.” This series is based on the book Building Scalable PHP Web Applications Using the Cloud. While the examples are written in PHP for clarity, the ideas covered work in any programming environment you are in, whether it is Ruby on Rails, Django, ASP.NET, or anything else.

The first video in the series covers an overview of what cloud computing is, and what sorts of problems it tries to solve.

You can buy the book at:

Building Scalable PHP Web Applications Using the Cloud

I’m happy to announce the latest book by Jonathan Bartlett – Building Scalable PHP Web Applications Using the Cloud. This book is published in conjunction with Apress.

The book is an intro-level tutorial to help programmers get their arms (and code) around cloud technology from a variety of vendors.

The book walks the user through a variety of tasks in cloud computing from the basics, such as how to get your first cloud computer up and running, to the advanced, such as how to architect your system and application to maximize scalability.  The book gives a tour through setting up various components.  It has chapters on system administration, creating cloned systems, configuring a local caching system, database master/replica setups, infinitely scalable disk storage, security, and writing the PHP code to connect to these different services.

Additionally, the book contains tutorials on several popular cloud vendors, including Linode, Amazon Web Services, and the Google Cloud Platform.  Each section gives step-by-step instructions on how to get up and running, as well as discussions of alternate configurations and their pros and cons.  

While the book uses PHP as the implementation language, the concepts in the book apply to nearly any programming language you would use.  The book is available in both print and digital formats, and can be purchased either from the publisher or from Amazon.