Spring 2017 – Week 12 Class Notes

We are getting towards the end – keep up the good work!


This week we worked with Google Maps API to put a marker on a map, and do things when the marker is clicked on. We learned a bit about API keys, and that certain APIs require generating a key to verify who is using their system. We talked about JavaScript vs. web (XMLHttpRequest) APIs. We also discussed the “defer” keyword in a script tag for running a script after the HTML page is processed by the browser. The getting started guide for Google Maps is here. It is very similar to the program that we did in class, but it is all in one file.

Also check out their tutorial on Adding a Marker to a map.

The Google API key we used for class is
and if you missed class or used one of our computers, you can retype the code we finished with by looking at the images below:

Note that if you type this in and you get the error “Oops something went wrong” instead of your map, that means you typed in the API key wrong when loading that Google Maps Javascript.


  1. Add another marker to the map. Additionally, you should try to put the data in an array, and read the data in a loop.
  2. Keep working on your carts! I have seen many of you making good headway. Bring your current versions to class and we will keep working on them, or send me an email!


UPDATE – the new chapter has been added. The chapter is chapter 26, “Amplifying Power with Transistors”. Note that older chapters have been renumbered because I added an intro chapter on units.

This week we covered a little bit more about frequency response for capacitors and inductors, the basics of reactance and impedance, and what a resonant frequency is. We also started talking about transistors. My goal is to have the transistor chapter done for you by Saturday. There is a transistor chapter in the book right now, but it is incomplete and probably not very readable. I will update here when the new version is in. Homework will be for the transistor chapter.


UPDATE – the new chapter is ready. Download it and it is chapter 29.

There was no calculus this week. I will try to get your chapter done shortly.

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