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Fall 2016 – Week 15 Class Notes

You survived the semester finals! Congratulations to each of you. You have all made many gains this semester, and I am looking forward to next semester. I will be making a semester summary sheet for each of you describing your performance in the course.

The finals went really, really well. Everyone did well in all of the finals (I haven’t graded the Calculus one yet, but it looked like you all were doing well), and I think you all have made significant improvements in your learning.

Looking forward to next semester!

Fall 2016 – Week 14 Class Notes

Next week is semester finals week!!! Be sure to read the notes with instructions for your class. All finals are open-book and open-note. Everyone should have the schedule and prices for next semester. Email me if you lost yours. Email me with any questions you have on the finals.

Computer Programming

DON’T FORGET – bring your section 3 assignment.

For the final, I will give you a selection of two or three possible programs, and you will choose one to build. You may bring your book or any other tool. Just remember, using a tool (like the book) reduces the amount of time that you have to actually work, so you will always do better knowing the material than trying to re-read it.

Next semester we are going to focus on interacting with web pages, and external web sites (like Google Maps).


You should *already* be working on your final. The final is in two parts. The first part you should do at home – draw up a schematic for one of the projects I gave you in class. If you need the sheet again, email me. You should also calculate the voltages and currents in each part of your circuit. You can calculate power, too, if you want, but it is not required for the final. Note that it is okay if there are some components needed to build your circuit that aren’t in your kit (i.e., specific resistor and diode values). I can supply those myself for the second half of the final. Be sure to have TWO copies of your schematic.

The second half of the final will be done in-class. You will hand in both of your schematics to me, and one of them will go to someone else to build. You will receive someone else’s schematic. Your job will be to build the circuit from the schematic, and measure voltages and currents at three points in the circuit. If you finish early, you can do additional schematics for extra points (up to three).

Next semester we will work on power circuits, oscillation circuits, and audio circuits.


The Calculus exam will be pretty boring. We will not do u-substitution on integrals or the product rule for integrals. You do not need to read any chapters this week, just review the ones you have already read. You *do* need to be prepared to do related rates problems, maximization/minimization problems, and basic integral problems. You should be able to tackle any derivative given to you.

Next semester we will complete our study of integrals, do some advanced Calculus, and work on some special topics.

Email me with any questions!