Fall 2016 – Week 13 Class Notes

We have two more classes before the end of the semester, but NO CLASS NEXT WEEK for Thanksgiving!


We started working on object-oriented programming and arrays this week. Remember, the goal of objects is to package up a bunch of related information into a single unit. Whenever you have information about a subject that all belongs together, creating an object is a good way to go.

We also talked about arrays, which allow us to store sequences of values (usually, arrays are used to store similar values, but they don’t have to).

We need to be thinking about what we want to do next semester. Some options:

  1. Simple games in JavaScript
  2. Dealing with server-side programming
  3. Communicating with and using third-party services like Google maps

The start of the next year we will review and finish the book, but then we need to proceed to an application area.

For you to do this week:

  • Read chapter 13
  • Turn in your section 3 assignment


For some reason, the Tennis game did not work on a lot of your devices. I am investigating this over the week. I have used this game several times before and it has always worked well, so we will figure it out.

I am working on the next book chapter, and will hopefully have it done by Friday (UPDATE – the chapter is now complete).

Please spend some extra time reviewing chapters you aren’t familiar with. A lot of you were not familiar with pull-down resistors, which is a requirement for knowing how to put this stuff together.


Keep on trucking. We are going through chapter 17 this week.

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