Fall 2016 – Week 12 Class Notes

Somebody notified me that I had not posted class notes this week! Many apologies!


This week is chapter 12. It is a bit esoteric, so if you don’t understand it all the way, that’s fine. Save it for later in your programming career – you will have questions about how something is working, and you can come back to this chapter and say, “aha! That is what was being discussed!” It is included where it is simply because we are talking about functions and scopes, and a lot of people in JavaScript use scopes in funny ways, and this will help you understand what is going on if you read someone else’s code.

Next week we are getting into objects and arrays, which will both greatly expand your programming abilities, and should also be back to a topic that is more in line with your common intuitions.


We did an analog Arduino example in class, so read the corresponding chapter (chapter 14). This next week we are going to do one more Arduino lesson, and then we will get back to normal electronics.


Not much to say – chapter 16 is next!

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