Microsecession (Paperback)



MicroSecession: Simple Ways to Liberate Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community from Government Idiocy

by Jonathan Bartlett (130 pages)

Are you always trying to get ahead, but feel like you aren’t gaining any ground? Tired of working for more and somehow making less? Does it seem like you’re trapped in a game of economic roulette-always betting your time and energy, but ultimately paying the price from your own pocket? From the devalued dollar to the healthcare hassle, MicroSecession gives you new ways to think about money and value in an economy overrun with ridiculous policies and unaccountable, out-of-touch politicians. MicroSecession isn’t about getting rich or abandoning civilization, but it will give you practical ideas for increasing your personal value and insulating you, your family and your community from the negative fallout of government debt debacles and failing economic policies that hit too close to home. It may begin with your bank account, but it doesn’t end there-from finance to food, healthcare, education and more–see how everyday people can make a real difference in their own lives, and benefit from a better understanding of the value we all bring to the table.

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