High School Chemistry: Supplemental Videos (Permanent Access)


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Is your student struggling with chemistry and chemistry mathematics?  Does your student learn better with videos than with text?  Do you need more instruction than you alone can provide as a parent?  These supplemental chemistry videos are what you need!

While they can be used for any high school chemistry course, these videos are specifically sequenced to follow Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition.  Come along as Jonathan Bartlett explains chemistry and chemistry mathematics in a way your student can understand!

This product gives you access to a collection of 25 videos (and growing) covering topics from every chapter of Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry, as well as a series of review sheets which provide short summaries of important concepts.

** This subscription gives you access to you and your family, and is not to be shared with other parties.  If you share your subscription with a third party, your access will be revoked without refund.

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