Two New Books from Jerry Bergman

Bartlett Publishing is proud to release two new books from author Jerry Bergman. Bergman is a prolific author and his previous book, Fossil Forensics, is one of out bestselling titles.

This fall, Bergman release two new titles – Poor Design: An Invalid Argument Against Intelligent Design and Useless Organs: The Rise and Fall of a Central Claim of Evolution. These two books are a stunning combination of physiology, philosophy, and natural history. They knit together the details of the systems of the human body together with the understanding of what they mean in the context of modern claims about the nature of humanity.

Bergman skillfully shows that the things that we used to think were junk (or poorly designed) were, to a large extent, a testimony to our ignorance about those systems rather than evidence of their poor design or lack of function. Biology is best understood in the context of well-organized systems, and these books show why this conception is better than the alternatives.

These are perfect books to read on their own. However, they should also be considered for use as supplemental material for homeschool biology and anatomy courses.

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