Spring 2017 – Week 1 Class Notes

Welcome back everyone! I was happy to see everyone this week, and am looking forward to a great semester. Last semester, posting class notes online each week worked out well, so we are just going to focus on that for the week.

Computer Programming

To get back in the swing of things, for computer programming you should re-read Chapter 13. The “Apply” section has a description of how to make a simple web store. Implement as much of that as you can. This will be the starting point for the first semester’s assignment.


Everyone seemed to be very much on the ball with electronics today. The chapter we are going to review is chapter 7. Please read chapter 7 and do the homework for this chapter and bring it to class.

I mentioned I would link to videos each week. Since we are reviewing, here are some videos from Make introducing the basics:

Here is a video on calculating series/parallel resistances:

Here are videos on Kirchoff’s Laws:


So, for this week, to review, start by reviewing the table of derivatives in Appendix F.3. Review chapter 11 and 12, and do the problems at the end of chapter 12.

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