Fall 2016 – Week 9 Class Notes

Hello everyone! The big news this week is that there is NO CLASS next week! Don’t forget – if you show up I won’t be there!

Computer Programming

This week we concentrated on functions (Chapter 10 of the book). Remember, you can do anything in a function that you can do anywhere else. Sometimes, rather than making a function, it is easier to just write a program, and then wrap the functionality up in a function. Anyway, some of the problems are starting to be harder, so please email me if you get stuck.


This week we did logic chips. Next time we get together we will be starting to use the Arduino microcontroller board. We also have a quiz for next time. There will be questions from the last quiz, plus new questions on diodes, pull-up resistors, and voltage dividers.


Everyone did great on the quiz this week. I hope you all are pleased with your progress because I certainly am! This week is related rates. We will do another quiz soon, probably focusing on related rate and optimization questions.

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