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Fall 2016 – Week 15 Class Notes

You survived the semester finals! Congratulations to each of you. You have all made many gains this semester, and I am looking forward to next semester. I will be making a semester summary sheet for each of you describing your performance in the course.

The finals went really, really well. Everyone did well in all of the finals (I haven’t graded the Calculus one yet, but it looked like you all were doing well), and I think you all have made significant improvements in your learning.

Looking forward to next semester!

Fall 2016 – Week 12 Class Notes

Somebody notified me that I had not posted class notes this week! Many apologies!


This week is chapter 12. It is a bit esoteric, so if you don’t understand it all the way, that’s fine. Save it for later in your programming career – you will have questions about how something is working, and you can come back to this chapter and say, “aha! That is what was being discussed!” It is included where it is simply because we are talking about functions and scopes, and a lot of people in JavaScript use scopes in funny ways, and this will help you understand what is going on if you read someone else’s code.

Next week we are getting into objects and arrays, which will both greatly expand your programming abilities, and should also be back to a topic that is more in line with your common intuitions.


We did an analog Arduino example in class, so read the corresponding chapter (chapter 14). This next week we are going to do one more Arduino lesson, and then we will get back to normal electronics.


Not much to say – chapter 16 is next!

Fall 2016 – Week 1 Class Notes

I enjoyed meeting you all this week! I am still learning your names, and I imagine that will continue. As it says in the syllabus, please feel free to email me at any time if you have questions.

Here are the notes for each of the classes:


We covered a lot of the material in chapter 2, and a little from chapter 3. Read chapters 1 and 2 this week, and do the exercises at the end of chapter 2 and bring them to class with you next week. I will be taking homework with attendance. You can bring your homework printed out or on a flash drive (which you will get back). For the essay, just write a short paragraph or two. The goal is to start thinking about technology and its role in history.


Remember to bring your box with you next week! This is a class requirement, and will be part of your homework grade. You need to download the current version of the book, and read chapters 1 & 3, and do the exercises at the end of chapter 3. Next week we will start making actual electricity move. Bring your homework with you – I will check your homework and your box during attendance next week.


Don’t forget to download the current version of the book, and read chapters 1 & 2. We actually covered more than that in class today, but I want to make sure you think through these things slowly and methodically. Lines may not seem important, but they are! Don’t forget to do the exercises at the end of the chapter and bring them with you for class next week.

I can’t wait to see you all again next week!

Speaking at Tulsa Techfest on Building Scalable Web Applications

If anyone is in Tulsa, I will be speaking at Tulsa Techfest on Friday, August 5th on my book, Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud. Come and watch!

Building Scalable Web Applications is Amazon’s #1 Hot New Release

At least for now, Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud hit the #1 spot on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” list for books on PHP. If you haven’t picked up your copy, you should order it today!

BP Learning Summer Courses

In June and July, BP Learning is offering a series of science/engineering courses in Tulsa on Friday mornings. These are short, 6-week, no-homework classes intended to offer students a taste of how each of these subjects work without diving into too many details. The classes are:

  • Building Web Pages – learn HTML, CSS, and basic WordPress skills for building websites
  • A Taste of Programming – learn the basics JavaScript programming through a series of interactive tutorials
  • A Taste of Electronics – learn the basics of electronics through a series of interactive tutorials. This will include an electronics kit which the students will be able to keep after the course.

Email for more information on these courses.