Calculus from the Ground Up Errata

Errata from Calculus from the Ground Up First Printing

The example used in Section 4.7 was incorrect. Please see these updated pages.

Chapter 14 exercise 9 (pg. 181), the problem should say that 1mL = 1cm3.

There were some typesetting issues in Section 26.5.3. The expression cos(x^2) was referred to once as cos(x) and several exponents were misprinted. Please see this updated page.

Chapter 29 exercise 7 left off the “dx” from the problem.

Errata from Calculus from the Ground Up Solution Guide First Printing

The answer to problem 4.20 should be: h(x) = sin(x) + 2 cos(x) – 2

The solution to Chapter 14 exercise 9 is wrong. See updated pages 78 & 79.

Some typos were made in the problems on pages 150 and 151. See the updated pages.