Travel Through Time Timeline Journal (Household Edition)




After much trial and error, we have created a timeline journal that works well for our high school students. This downloadable tool for living education has dated pages for each millennium from 4000 to 1000BC, for each century from 1000BC-1500AD, for each half-century from 1501-1700, and for each decade from 1700-2050AD. The pages have dates at the top and a dotted background throughout in order to help students keep their entries tidy, but they are otherwise blank and ready for your student to track his or her own study of history.

While this timeline is useful for any student, the Classical Conversations Challenge program recommends keeping a timeline journal during the four years of high school in order to gain a cohesive understanding of history. We think this is the perfect one to use.

This is an example of what the inside looks once you print and spiral-bind it into a book:

Here are examples of several different ways to fill in the pages:

Note: This is a .pdf download intended for Classical Conversations families and other homeschool families to reproduce timelines for their household only (perhaps through Office Depot). We ask that you please don’t share the file amongst yourselves, but that you would share the link with your homeschool friends so that they can purchase the file and use it for their own households. As this is a download, please note that we will not be shipping you anything. You’ll download the file and then send it to Office Depot to print for your household members. (We suggest 24 lb paper, spiral-bound with a clear cover, in order to help prevent bleed-through of pens or markers. While prices in your area may vary, we can print them in ours for about $9 each)

If you’d like to buy your copies already printed and bound, you can do that through here, and you will not need this file to do it.

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