Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud

Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud Book Cover

Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud: A Simple Guide to Programming and Administering Cloud-based Applications

Written by Jonathan Bartlett

BP Learning, June 2016, 164 pages, paperback or e-book.

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the landscape of web hosting. Instead of spending weeks negotiating contracts for servers, new servers can be deployed with the push of a button, and your application can be resized almost instantly to meet today’s needs. No matter what size of web application you are developing, you can benefit from modern cloud servers, and this is the guide to tell you how. The book uses PHP for examples to minimize the complexity of the code and setup, but the tools and techniques can be applied on any platform using any language.

Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about writing and deploying a cloud application. All of the code is included in the book – there is no guesswork involved. Clear diagrams, step- by-step con guration information, and complete code listings tell you everything you need to get o the ground and start developing your cloud application today.

Building Scalable Web Applications Using the Cloud introduces several cloud architectures and technologies which will help you accelerate your application in the cloud. Chapters are included which cover load-balanced clusters, database replication, caching con guration, content delivery networks, in nite-scale le storage, and cloud system administration. Everything that you need to jumpstart your application on the cloud is right here.

This title is the second book in our new Programmer’s Toolbox series of books.

Book Details

  • Author: Jonathan Bartlett
  • Imprint: BP Learning
  • ISBN: 9781944918040
  • Publication: 2016


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