Forthcoming Titles

Below are several planned titles for Bartlett Publishing. More information will be forthcoming as the titles are developed.

Electronics for Everyone

This is a high-school level textbook for teaching students how to build electronic circuits. The book will include projects and problems for solving, and teach how to build new circuits from scratch.

Programming Under the Hood

This is the follow-on to the popular assembly language book, Programming from the Ground Up. However, the new edition will include additional material including how higher-level languages implement things like automated memory management and object-oriented inheritance.

Learn Object-Oriented Programming Writing JavaScript Games

This is the second-level book after New Programmers Start Here, introducing additional object-oriented concepts using JavaScript.

Calculus for Everyone

This is a high-school level Calculus book, focusing on ideas and concepts of Calculus. Many Calculus books get too far into the weeds that the students hardly know what they are doing and why. Calculus for Everyone makes sure that the relationship between the concept and the calculation is clear at every step, so the students know not only what they are doing, but why.

Computational Theology

This book will integrate mathematics and theology in new ways, showing how theology can be applied in a quantitative manner.