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Forthcoming Titles

Below are several planned titles for Bartlett Publishing. More information will be forthcoming as the titles are developed.

  • Fossil Forensics: Separating Fact from Fantasy in Paleontology by Jerry Bergman – this book discusses the fossil record for a number of organisms and shows why the prevailing opinions about evolutionary history are misguided and not based on evidence.
  • Electronics for Everyone by Jonathan Bartlett – This is a high-school level textbook for teaching students how to build electronic circuits. The book will include projects and problems for solving, and teach how to build new circuits from scratch.
  • Calculus for Everyone by Jonathan Bartlett – this book is about Calculus from someone who loves it. The goal is not memorization, but immersing your mind to think in the way that familiarizes you with numbers, formulas, how to build your own, and how to use them effectively.